January 2017

Lombok Lures Young Malaysians

  In 2016, the average age of the 750,000 Lombok traveling Malaysians was 40 years old. Now the younger generation is the focus of a new campaign by the Indonesia Tourism Development Company to lure Malaysians to the azure seas, white sand beaches, and growing tourism facilities Lombok has to offer.   Date:  [...]

25 Percent More Indonesia Tourists in 2017?

  Indonesia Travel – the official website of Indonesia’s Tourism Ministry quotes the Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya, as setting a target of 15 million foreign tourists for the Nation in 2017 – an increase of 25% over 2016. Date: January 2, 2017 Source: BaliDiscovery.com Indonesia Sets Ambitious Goal of 25 percent More [...]

December 2016

Target: 15 Million 2017 Indonesia Tourists!

  Two of the 15 million 2017 Indonesia Tourists - posing with colorful parrots Date:  December 30, 2016 Source: Indonesia Travel Lombok Investement News:  Minister of Tourism Arief  Yahya targets 15 million 2017 Indonesia tourists and underscores action plans for 2017.   According to official data issued by the Indonesian Central Bureau [...]

New Lombok Tourist Beaches

  Nambung Beach near Sekotong in West Lombok, with its spectacular salt water wave waterfall, is one of many new lombok beaches being promoted for tourism Date:  December 27, 2016 Source: Tempo.Co New Lombok tourist beaches in West Nusa Tenggara being developed by the Tourism and Culture Agency.   The development of additional [...]

Lombok No. 2 Malaysian Travel Destination

  The Northen Lights (Aurora Borealis) lighting up the skies over Reykjavik is the number one travel destination for Malaysians. Date: December 27, 2016 Source: Travel Trends Malaysian travellers itching to explore as Lombok becomes a top Malaysian Travel Destination   Lombok is "No 2 of top 10 destinations for Malaysian travelers" according [...]

New Lombok Cruise Ship Port

  Indonesia Ministry of Tourism, Taufan Rahmadi, said that the Gili Mas Port of Lombok, is targeted to operate in May 2019, will become the largest port area in Eastern Indonesia. This port will be built specifically for giant cruise ships that bring the foreign tourists from various parts of the world to enjoy [...]

October 2016

Indonesia Tourism Blooms

  Indonesia tourism is getting a big boost from the government’s robust new "Wonderful Indonesia" campaign. The objective to reach 20 million tourists by 2019 is equally ambitious, with this year’s target at 12 million and last year's total 9.73 million. To support these targets, the Asian Development Bank agreed to lend Indonesia US$10 [...]

Lombok Airport Expansion

Angkasa Pura, the state airport operator for Bandara International Lombok Airport ("BIL") plans to spend almost $USD 6 million to expand the Lombok International Airport in West Nusa Tenggara. The expansion of the runway and apron will add parking for 2 additional jets at the airport. Date: October 13, 2016 Source: Jakarta Post [...]

Lombok Sporting Events Tourism

  After the successful 2016 GNFY Indonesia bicycle marathon on Sunday, Lombok's potential as an international sports tourism destination has been elevated said NTB tourism and cultural agency head Lalu Mohammad Faozal. 600 cyclists, including 200 foreigners and 400 Indonesians from 31 countries participated in the event. Date:  October 3, 2016 Source: Jakarta [...]

Higher Indonesia Visitor Counts Pledged

Bali, Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya, says that government officials cannot sleep until they boost Indonesia visitor numbers to equal or exceed those of neighboring countries like Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.   Date: October 2, 2016 Source: Bali News Bali Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya says higher Indonesia visitor counts must be achieved. [...]

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