What owners say about the
Tanjung Ocean View Development.

(Tanjung Ocean View Testimonials)

"Firstly. Well done. Your integrity and determination is a testament to you and your operation.

I must admit that at times I questioned whether I had made the right decision in terms of investing in Indonesia and in TOV. Then to experience the issue and delays further increased my anxiety.

You quashed all of those fears and all of that anxiety each time it came knocking at my door. For that I thank you. Your professionalism, determination, assurance, willingness to share information and be a conduit of that information whether it was good or bad is a credit to you.

Secondly. Thank you for offering myself and my family a position with your company. It was extremely hard to say no to the opportunity to come and work with you and should you have an another opportunity I would welcome a conversation with you.

Thirdly. Thank you for helping me move the block of land on when I needed to for a profitable and simple transaction. Once again you have proved yourself to be a fantastic asset and I thank you kindly for your assistance.

Lastly and by no means least. I want to thank you for your friendship. You have always been courteous, helpful and always willing to assist. Thank you for inviting myself, my friends and my family into your home.

You are a true gentleman Lee. I wish you and your company all the best in your future endeavors and please feel free to call on me should there be ANYTHING I can assist you with."

Paul Raicevic    Drysdale, Victoria, Australia    (Buyer Lot 11)   
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“It is rare to have a real estate or any significant financial and business dealing wrap up without a single upset, worry or miscommunication.

My husband and I can say that the purchase of our wee bit of paradise from Lee and the team at Tanjung Ocean View was unbelievably easy.

This is partly due to the fact that Lee is, quite simply, a good person and a man of his word who works tirelessly on our behalf. He is also a great visionary who makes good things starting from nothing.

None of us would be where we are today on Lombok if Lee didn't dream and plan.”

Martinborough, New Zealand    (Buyer - Lot 36)   

"I am an Australian property developer with 40 years’ experience in land subdivision. Once I met Lee I knew he had the capacity to do whatever it takes to complete the project at TOV so I bought 3 lots from him.

Now, looking back over the past few years, I recognize he has had to do ‘hard yards” to succeed and persist with the project.

Well done!

I look forward to the completion and ongoing capital growth associated with the amazing views at the project."

John Callanan    Byron Bay, Australia    (Buyer - Lots 15, 18A & 18B)   

“After Flying over to Lombok & meeting Lee back in 2012, we could see the potential for development & tourism in Lombok.

Lee was informative, transparent & very helpful with the process from the beginning & since then Lee & his employees have proven they are in it for the long haul by helping navigate the purchasing process, updates on TOV progress & answering our many questions along the way.

TOV is an exciting development in an exciting area and we look forward to what the future holds.”

Brett Watson & Pete McCormack    Torquay & East Geelong, Australia    (Buyers - Lot 34)   

“We are so excited for the future at Tanjung Ocean View and honored to be part of the community that Lee and his Team have created.

We dream of being here full time nearly every day. One of the biggest assets in our minds is Lee. His management of the team, the local tapestry and the development is simply impeccable. We rest easy knowing that our investment is in very capable and dependable hands.

Please come join the Neighbourhood!”

Edward Martin    Martinborough, New Zealand    (Buyer - Lot 35)   

“I purchased 3 plots in the Tanjung Ocean View project from the TOV developer Lee Pappernow. The transaction was easy and smooth and Mr. Pappernow and his team were helpful, transparent, honest and completely skilled in handling our transactions from beginning to end.

Tanjung Ocean View is the best investment in Kuta, Lombok - an area that is growing rapidly and has quickly rising land prices. Tourism has increased significantly and with the new Mandalika Mega-Resort project, investments here are yielding big profits.

I can say with complete confidence that Tanjung Ocean View is a great investment, created and sold by an expert and trustworthy team, which is sometimes not the case with other sellers and projects in Indonesia.”

Joaquim Mjeid    Kuta, Lombok    (Buyer – Lots 40, 42, 44)   

I'm not a big time investor just a public servant earning the national average salary, but I had managed to save up some money and was looking for an investment opportunity. The thought of owning some land in Lombok sounded exciting and the TOV development caught my eye as it was going to be right next to the Mandalika project. I went home to Australia and over a period of time researched as much as I could about ownership of land in Indonesia and the Mandalika project.

After email conversations with the developer Lee Pappernow and returning to Lombok and being shown the development and comparing its location with the other developments offering the same investment opportunities, I could see that TOV had fantastic potential with its pristine location next to Mandalika along with its dream ocean views.

The best reason I chose TOV was that this residential property land development was at its infancy and the land all around including the Mandalika project was basically still undeveloped. I will be able to watch the unfolding of a new tourist Mecca over many years with a keen personal interest. To me that's far more exciting than paper shares or a standard investment property back home.I don't have enough money to consider building on my lots, but I will be happy watching my passive investment grow over time.

David Hall    Parkerville, Western Australia    (Buyer - Lots 48 & 51)   

I came to Lombok looking for some land and had met a few owner developers and wasn't happy with what I saw. I was about to leave empty handed when I picked up a copy of The Lombok Guide. I saw an advert for TOV, called Lee, he picked me up the next day and drove me to the estate.

The blocks were perfect and the prices were great. I was apprehensive to purchase land in Indonesia but Lee walked me through the process, everything went smoothly and I haven't looked back. I even went back the next year and bought an additional block of land.

I have been completely satisfied with Lee and his staff, they have always been patient and helpful and I would recommend him as the "go to " person for land in Kuta , Lombok . Also of prime importance is to be issued with a "certificate" for your land. I have certificates for both my properties. I have friends who have bought from others in Kuta and after 5 years still do not have their certificates. I look forward to building and living at TOV in the near future. "

Frank Michel    New South Wales, Australia    (Buyer – Lots 9 & 31