TOV Commercial Complex land clearing now in process

Land clearing for the new Tanjung Ocean View Commercial Complex begins, In response to numerous requests by those who own lots in the project, TOV developer has designated 4 plots of land at the entrance to the project for commercial and business operations, incvluding offices, shops, restaurants and other commercial activities.

Date: December 5, 2015
Source:  TOV News

Developer begins land clearing for new commercial zone as Tanjung Ocean View establishes new TOV Commercial Complex business area.


In response to numerous requests that the Tanjung Ocean View project allow limited commercial/retail development, the developer of TOV has agreed to contribute 5 plots of land for the construction of a new retail area at the bottom of the project, fronting the Kuta Bypass Road entrance to Tanjung Ocean View.  The decision to allow the commercial use of these almost 5,150 sq. mtrs. of developer-owned land was made after a number of current owners expressed a desire to have a variety of shops and retails outlets conveniently situated near the TOV project.

As the CC&Rs (Covenants Conditions & Restrictions) at TOV limit development of TOV lots to residential development only, the five developer owned lots to be used for the new TOV Commercial Complex will now comprise a separate project and is no longer part of the Tanjung Ocean View development or the TOV Owner’s Association which, among other things, controls development of lots within the boundaries of the TOV project.

Approximately 1,900 sq. mtrs. of the new retail area previously comprise two lots, upon which were situated two partially constructed hotel buildings, both of which having been built by a third party in violation of the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions which specifically prohibited hotel development within the TOV project.  The two lots were returned to the developer after a lawsuit brought by the developer against the builder of the hotel project and the Praya court adjudication of the matter in the plaintiff’s favor. After finalization of the court action, the developer removed the violating buildings and began leveling the entire 4,000 sq. mtr. area in anticipation of the coming commercial/retail development.

Design work for the commercial/retail area has not yet been finalized and both TOV owners and surrounding residents are encouraged to voice any preferences they may have as to the design and composition of the new project.

The new development will be a strictly western style, modern complex, tentatively planned to include the following and more:

  • Management Office – to manage the TOV development and its Owner’s Association, as well as to provide sales and management services to TOV land and home owners.
  • Bakery – serving European stye fresh breads, real bagels,  pastries and other sweets and confections.
  • Restaurants – a minimum of 2, each serving different, to- be-determined cuisines.
  • Mini-mart – in the “Indo Mart”, style
  • Delicatessen – providing liquor, wines, cheeses, meats, and a large selection of garden fresh fruits and vegetables, in addition to a variety of all the imported goods we all miss having here in Kuta.
  • Beverage and Coffee Shop – serving almost non-existent/hard to find European/Western style hot and cold coffees (Latte, Cappucino, Macchiato, Mocha, Esresso, Americano, etc.) and bottled and prepared cold drinks, complete with food items, all in a ” Starbucks” like environment.
  • Motor Bike and Car Rental Service.
  • Architect’s Office.
  • Building and Construction Contractor’s Office.
  • Art and Handicrafts Store – showcasing Lombok and greater Indonesia, ceramics, weaving, painting, batiks and other local arts and crafts.
  • Outdoor tables and seating with sun and rain protected areas.
  • Air-conditioned indoor eating and lounge area.

Additional information, design-work and construction information will be posted to this site as available.

Have any requests – let us know now, before plans are finalized!