June 2017

Lombok Investment Optimism Strong

  Lombok Investor optimism is at an all-time high. The luxury resort sector is leading the pack as demand for luxury and high-end properties outstrips supply on Lombok Island. Date:  Lombok, June 12, 2017 Source: TTG Asia.com Lombok investment optimism underlined the recent Tourism Development Forum, with a huge increase in international air [...]

October 2016

Indonesia Foreign Property Ownership Laws Change

  Minimum prices for expat property ownership under the Right To Use ("Hak Paki") ownership title under Indonesia law were changed recently by the Indonesia government. Minimum prices revised for Indonesia foreign property ownership. Date: 12 October 2016 Source: Indonesia Investments The Indonesian government revised the price mechanism for property that can be [...]

May 2016

Investors Set Sights on Neighboring Lombok

  Lombok's Selong Belanak Beach Date: May 26, 2016 Source: Hauteresidence.com Just a few years ago, exploring the Indonesian island of Lombok, Bali’s eastern neighbor, took a lot of time and patience. You could travel by boat several hours across the Lombok Straits, and there were also a limited number of flights––a quick [...]

Lombok Land Investors Arrive

  Lombok investment is soaring as the Indonesian government increasingly throws its weight behind Lombok. The new Lombok International Airport ("BIL"), hundreds of millions of $USD in capital improvements already invested in the island with many more millions $USD slated, the Mandalika Resort mega project in Kuta coming of age, many infrastructure improvements completed [...]

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