The Tanjung Ocean View Development (“TOV”), located in the Kuta area of Lombok’s famous South Coast, is a residential Lombok land property development project, of 79 vacant land plots, offering a superb blend of panoramic ocean views, affordable prices and a secure investment opportunity in a high quality project – all developed by a USA developer, to the highest western standards.

Conceived and developed by Hawaii real estate developer/broker Lee Pappernow (see “The Developer” tab), this spectacular thirteen hectare parcel of Kuta Lombok land is located less than 5 minutes from Kuta and some of the best white sand beaches in Indonesia.

The property was purchased in 2008 after months of searching for that illusive “Perfect Kuta Lombok Property” which offered ocean views, gently-sloping land, and easy access to the nearby beaches and Kuta Town.

Finally, after several years of development, the first subdivision project of land in Kuta Lombok, with affordable ocean views, constructed and offered to the highest western real estate standards, is now available – just a few minutes from Tanjung A’an Bay – one of Lombok’s finest white sand beaches!

Tanjung A'an Bay
Pristine White Sand Beach at Tanjung A’an Bay (Below TOV Development)

The result…

Seventy-nine exquisite parcels of Kuta Lombok land, with each plot large enough to accommodate the development of houses with privacy and sweeping coastline and sea views – from Gerupuk Bay to both Tanjung A’an Bay and Kuta (i.e. “Mandalika”) Bay. This Kuta land development offers paved interior roads, drainage canals, available electricity and covenants designed to enhance and protect both owners’ investments and the larger development – all located in one of the fastest appreciating areas of Indonesia.

Only minutes from the superb white sand beaches of A’an Bay, and surrounded by unspoiled natural beauty, these expansive 5.61 Ares (561 Sq. Mtrs) to 45.02 Ares (4,502 Sq. Mtrs) plots are a far cry from the cramped postage-stamp sized plots of many crowded Lombok and Bali projects.

TOV’s breathtaking plots offer views which range from sweeping panoramas of the rolling palm tree dotted Kuta Lombok land below the project, to the white-water ocean views of both Gerupuk Bay to the east and the nearby two white sand crescent shaped beaches of A’an Bay to the south and both Mandalika Bay and Kuta to the west.

This Lombok land project is only a short drive from the numerous world-class surfing beaches sought after for years by surfers around the world who flock here to enjoy Lombok’s famous south coast waves.

The island of Lombok and the Kuta area in particular (which is often referred to as “the next Bali”) has recently seen the beginning of development and a just started massive appreciation in land values. This new growth is the result of a unique mix of factors which include: new infrastructure improvements; the recently opened Lombok Inernational Airport – 20 minutes away in Praya (which finally provides international flights directly to Lombok); billions of dollars of capital improvements: the new harbor at Awang – 15 minutes from the project; the new, recently completed Kuta Bypass Road; a new electricity generation plant with new high-voltage power lines to Kuta; a massive road improvement campaign already funded and under way on the Island of Lombok; Indonesia’s recently declared commitment to turning the Kuta area into the next world-class tourism area in Indonesia, and finally; the 1,207 hectare Mandalika Resorts development project destined for the area from Madalika Bay to running Tanjung A’an and nearby Gerupuk Bays.

Mandalika Resorts New Access Road (As Seen From TOV)
Mandalika Resorts New Access Road (As Seen From TOV)

Even more exciting is the recent commencement of construction of the new 30 meter wide access road to A’an Bay and the Mandalika Resorts project. This new road is only a few hundred meters from TOV which means that soon TOV owners will have direct access to beautiful white sand beaches of A’an Bay – only 2 or 3 minutes from the TOV project.

TOV is nestled in the open, natural beauty of the area, which is just as evident as the lack of choking development, traffic and overtaxed infrastructure of Bali – only 20 minutes by plane from Lombok.

Build your dream home here for either full or part-time use, build a vacation rental villa here and let us manage it for you, or simply make an affordable passive investment in the land and watch your equity grow by 30 to 40 percent or more per year as it has over the last few years.

Finally, a quality development of plots in Kuta, Lombok which offer the perfect opportunity for both investors and part-time and full time residents alike to enjoy this exquisite locale – at the most affordable prices in the area, during a time of hugely appreciating land values.

You’ve definitely come to the right place if you’re looking to buy land in Lombok.

Come join us and make this Island Paradise project your home too!