Analysts Predict 33 Million Tourists by 2019

Hindu Temple

Date:  13 December 2015

Although the Indonesian government’s target of welcoming 20 million foreign tourists by 2019 seems highly ambitious given that Indonesia may fail to achieve its target of seeing 10 million foreign visitor arrivals in 2015, several analysts claim that this target is too low. They believe that the target should be raised to 33 million foreign visitors, earning USD $40 billion in foreign exchange, hence replacing crude palm oil as the country’s leading foreign exchange earner. However, this new target would only be possible if the government is serious about developing its 10 designated tourist destinations.

These ten designated tourist centers (see table below) are selected by the Indonesian government as they are considered to have considerable growth potential. The government will organize international events and engage in advertisement campaigns to promote these ten destinations. Indonesian Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said these destinations should support foreign visitor arrivals to reach 12 million in 2016. However, the minister added that infrastructure needs to be improved in and around these locations.

Indo Government's Designated Tourist Centers

Three institutions – Indef, Kenta Institute and the Indonesia Tourism Industry Board (GIPI) – claim that Indonesia should be able to attract 33 million foreign visitors by 2019 as the country offers more to the tourist market than any other ASEAN member country, including Thailand and Malaysia. Indonesia is much larger, has more tourist objects, a more diverse cultural composition, plenty of historic and religious remnants, and beautiful and a wide variety of natural scenery.

 However, in order to attract 33 million foreign tourists by 2019, these three institutions say at least three requirements have to be met. Firstly, the government has to enhance intra- and inter island connectivity around the ten designated tourist centers. For example, runways have to be extended as they are currently too short to serve larger airplanes. Moreover, operation hours of these local airports have to be extended as they currently close at 17:00 pm. Secondly, passenger and cargo terminals (sea transportation) have to be built separately. Thirdly, there should be direct international flights from and to these ten designated tourist centers (implying there have to be immigration services as well).


Eric Alexander Sugandi, analyst at the Kenta Institute, stated that apart from improving infrastructure, local services and skills also need to be improved in order to satisfy foreign tourists. For example, hotel management, skills of hotel staff and guides (including foreign language skills), as well as taxi services.

Foreign Tourist Arrivals 2013-15

Foreign Tourist Arrivals 2007-15¹ indicates government target
Source: Statistics Indonesia (BPS)

Lombok Tourism To Increase: Indonesia Joins Madrid Tourism Expo

A view of a beach on Lengkuas Island, Bangka Belitung, from the top of a 19th century lighthouse. Bangka Belitung province is among 10 destinations promoted by the Indonesian pavilion at the Feria International Turismo (FITUR) exhibition in Madrid, Spain, on Jan. 20 to 24. (JP/Peter Milnes)
A view of a beach on Lengkuas Island, Bangka Belitung, from the top of a 19th century lighthouse. Bangka Belitung province is among 10 destinations promoted by the Indonesian pavilion at the Feria International Turismo (FITUR) exhibition in Madrid, Spain, on Jan. 20 to 24. (JP/Peter Milnes)

Source:, Jakarta | Lifestyle
Date:  Fri, January 29 2016, 1:24 PM

Indonesia joins Madrid tourism expo, promotes 10 destinations outside Bali

The Indonesian pavilion at the Feria International Turismo (FITUR) exhibition in Madrid, Spain, attracted more than 1,000 daily visitors and secured about 300 transactions from Jan. 20 to 24.

The visitors were said to have revealed interest in the 10 tourist destinations highlighted at the pavilion, namely Lake Toba in North Sumatra, Tanjung Kelayang in Belitung, Tanjung Lesung in Banten, the Thousand Islands in Jakarta, Borobudur Temple in Central Java, Mount Bromo in East Java, Mandalika in South Lombok, Labuan Bajo in East Nusa Tenggara, Wakatobi in Southeast Sulawesi and Morotai in North Maluku.

Interesting events such as Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival performances, local coffee tasting and a sweepstakes with prizes that included a trip to Tanjung Puting National Park in Central Kalimantan were also presented to attract more visitors.

FITUR is reportedly the world’s third biggest international tourism exhibition after the Internationale Tourismus Borse (ITB) Berlin and London World Travel Market. Up to 165 countries, 9,605 tour operators and 711 companies joined this year’s event, which was visited by more than 231,000 people.

Deal Street Asia Reports 4 New Mandalika Resort Hotels

Deal Street News 15 12-16

Source:  Deal Street Asia
Date:  16 December 2015

The French hotel operator is one of four investors that have announced plans to build five-star hotels in Mandalika, The Jakarta Post reported. The three others are Jiva Samudera Biru (JSB), French-based hotel chain Club Med and Lee International from South Korea.

State-owned Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) confirmed that AccorHotels and Club Med had signed contracts, while the two others had only signed memorandums of understanding (MoU), the report added.

“We are really trying to get them [the ones signing MoUs] to also build the hotels and for JSB to cooperate with Intercontinental to operate the hotel,” ITDC director for business and development Edwin Darmasetiawan told the Jakarta Post, adding that JSB was planning to build two hotels.

Construction of the Pullman hotel is estimated to cost around Rp 400 billion ($28.75 million), set to come from the company’s own funds.

The development of the area is part of the government’s efforts to boost foreign tourist arrivals to 20 million per year by 2019 from around 10 million annual visits at present. ITDC president director Abdulbar M Mansoer said the company was planning to have 20 starred hotels built within 20 years, the report added.

Mandalika Resort To Boost Economic Growth

Mandalika Resort To Boost Economy
Vice President M. Jusuf Kalla (third right) received an explanation from Tourism Development Director of PT Indonesia (Persero) and Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) Abdulbar M. Mansoer (second right) about plans for tourism development Mandalika during the inauguration of the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Mandalika in Kuta, Praya, Central Lombok, NTB, Saturday (Dec. 12, 2015). (ANTARA/Ahmad Subaidi)

Source:  Anatara News
Date:  Monday, 14 December 2015 19:06

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The accelerated development of the Mandalika Resort in Kuta, Lombok aims to help improve economic growth in Indonesia, particularly in the province of West Nusa Tenggara.  After recording sluggish progress since its opening in October 2011, the development of the Mandalika resort which has recently attained the status of a “Special Economic Zone” (SEZ) in Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, must be expedited.

Reviewing the development of the Mandalika Tourism SEZ in Central Lombok over the weekend, Vice President M. Jusuf Kalla stated that the local communities should be trained in hospitality skills, such as service with a smile and also about maintaining cleanliness.  Kalla noted that tourist attractions in various regions in the country have drawn several foreign tourists, but innovation is the key to attracting more investment.

“Tourism is the easiest means to attract investment as it does not require huge capital,” Kalla said, adding that the main capital given freely by God is the beautiful natural landscape and the hospitable behavior of the residents around the tourism site.  Therefore, the vice president noted that the best approach to develop tourism is to bring about innovation as he believes there are several places in the country that are considered usual and mediocre but are of immense interest to foreigners.

“Several tourist spots here are discovered by foreigners as the appeal of a place holds different significance to different people. For instance, we take for granted our blue sea and the variety of coral reefs, but for foreign tourists, they are very exciting,” the vice president affirmed.

Kalla on Saturday also reviewed the preparations for the construction of four five-tar hotels at the Mandalika Special Economic Zone.  Arriving on the scene, the Vice President and the group immediately got the exposure of a number of investors who will build the four five-star hotels at the Mandalika SEZ in Central Lombok.

Four hotels to begin construction in 2016, are Pullman Hotel of the investment fund PT Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC), which is a state-owned enterprise (SOEs) in the field of tourism.  Other hotels are Intercontinental Hotel, Club Med Hotel and Lees Hotel, and the construction of the entire capacity of the 850-room hotels was targeted to be completed within a period of two and a half years.

“Everything has been completed, and there no reason not to accelerate the construction of these four hotels,” the vice president noted.

After hearing the exposure of investors, the vice president then listened to the explanation of President Director of PT ITDC, Abdulbar M Mansoer, related to the development of Mandalika SEZ within the next 10 years. In addition to building hotels, ITDC will also build the basic infrastructure needed by the hotels to support their operation, such as the need for clean water that will utilize seawater through the refining process.  This work is done by establishing a partnership with EBD Bauer, one of the American companies engaged in the purification of seawater into fresh water.

Other infrastructure that is in the process of being set up is a solar power plant (SPP) and gas power plants for hotels in Mandalika SEZ, which will not use electrical energy from the State Electricity Company (PLN).

“Thus, some 20 star-rated hotels will be built in the Mandalika Special Economic Zone within 20 years. For the first stage, we will build four five-star hotels, and we have prepared the basic infrastructure,” said Abdulbar.

ITDC is also constructing the Tourism College (STP), which will create the human resources needed by the hotels.  Capital Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) Chief Franky Sibarani has stated that, when completed, the special economic zone of Mandalika resort will be able to employ more than 58,000 workers.

“During the construction period, the number of workers is predicted to increase by two to three fold and reduce the flow of Indonesian workers abroad,” Franky said some time ago.  In his visit to Mandalika resort in Central Lombok last May, the BKPM chief noted that the absorption of labor in large numbers in West Nusa Tenggara was important because the province was the largest supplier of Indonesian workers abroad.

“I visit Mandalika resort to make sure that the realization of the investment process in the development of the special economic zone goes without a hitch, so as to encourage employment and economic growth in the province,” Franky remarked.  Further, he noted that BKPM was ready to help promote the development of Mandalika resort abroad in international forums, such as Milan World Expo, and other promotional events in Japan and China.

According to Franky, the Mandalika Special Economic Zone is ready to welcome investment from investors, because the master plan for construction has been completed and the land acquisition problem is also almost finished.

Member of West Nusa Tenggara Provincial Legislative Assemblys Commission-II Yek Agil has promised to fight for, and guard the development of Mandalika resort.  “We must guard the development of Mandalika because it has been ignored for too long,” Agil said in the West Nusa Tenggara provincial city of Mataram recently.  He noted that the commitment of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to continue the development of Mandalika resort deserves much appreciation.  “We highly appreciate the commitment of President Jokowis government to move ahead with the development by allocating Rp1.8 trillion for that purpose,” Agil remarked.  He also expressed his hope that the governments plan to allocate Rp1.8 trillion in funding for the development of Mandalika resort could soon be realized.

TOV Commercial Complex – Land Clearing Commences

Commercial Area 2

In response to numerous requests that the Tanjung Ocean View project allow limited commercial/retail development, the developer of TOV has agreed to contribute 5 plots of land for the construction of a new retail area at the bottom of the project, fronting the Kuta Bypass Road entrance to Tanjung Ocean View.  The decision to allow the commercial use of these almost 5,150 sq. mtrs. of developer-owned land was made after a number of current owners expressed a desire to have a variety of shops and retails outlets conveniently situated near the TOV project.

As the CC&Rs (Covenants Conditions & Restrictions) at TOV limit development of TOV lots to residential development only, the five developer owned lots to be used for the new TOV Commercial Complex will now comprise a separate project and is no longer part of the Tanjung Ocean View development or the TOV Owner’s Association which, among other things, controls development of lots within the boundaries of the TOV project.

Approximately 1,900 sq. mtrs. of the new retail area previously comprise two lots, upon which were situated two partially constructed hotel buildings, both of which having been built by a third party in violation of the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions which specifically prohibited hotel development within the TOV project.  The two lots were returned to the developer after a lawsuit brought by the developer against the builder of the hotel project and the Praya court adjudication of the matter in the plaintiff’s favor. After finalization of the court action, the developer removed the violating buildings and began leveling the entire 4,000 sq. mtr. area in anticipation of the coming commercial/retail development.

Design work for the commercial/retail area has not yet been finalized and both TOV owners and surrounding residents are encouraged to voice any preferences they may have as to the design and composition of the new project.

The new development will be a strictly western style, modern complex, tentatively planned to include the following and more:

  • Management Office – to manage the TOV development and its Owner’s Association, as well as to provide sales and management services to TOV land and home owners.
  • Bakery – serving European stye fresh breads, real bagels,  pastries and other sweets and confections.
  • Restaurants – a minimum of 2, each serving different, to- be-determined cuisines.
  • Mini-mart – in the “Indo Mart”, style
  • Delicatessen – providing liquor, wines, cheeses, meats, and a large selection of garden fresh fruits and vegetables, in addition to a variety of all the imported goods we all miss having here in Kuta.
  • Beverage and Coffee Shop – serving almost non-existent/hard to find European/Western style hot and cold coffees (Latte, Cappucino, Macchiato, Mocha, Esresso, Americano, etc.) and bottled and prepared cold drinks, complete with food items, all in a ” Starbucks” like environment.
  • Motor Bike and Car Rental Service.
  • Architect’s Office.
  • Building and Construction Contractor’s Office.
  • Art and Handicrafts Store – showcasing Lombok and greater Indonesia, ceramics, weaving, painting, batiks and other local arts and crafts.
  • Outdoor tables and seating with sun and rain protected areas.
  • Air-conditioned indoor eating and lounge area.

Additional information, design-work and construction information will be posted to this site as available.

Have any requests – let us know now, before plans are finalized!



First of Four New Hotels Breaks Ground at Mandalika Resorts

Mandalika Resorts Moves Forward

Great News for TOV Owners….

According to an article in today’s Jakarta Post, Edwin Darmasetiawan, the Business and Development Director of the state-owned Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC), is quoted as saying that ITDC is currently in the process of securing roughly US$65 million in investments to further develop the Mandalika Resorts project in Kuta, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara into Indonesia’s “premier tourist destination”.

In the arricle, Edwin further reveals that on December 12, 2015, ITDC will mark the formal ground-breaking ceremony for the new Mandalika Resort Pullman Hotel – the first resort hotel project to commence construction within the Mandalika project. (Those who have been to the Novotel, Kuta recently have seen that in fact, the Pullman Hotel has already begun).

Other Mandalika Resort development matters referred to in the Jakarta Post article include the following:

  1. The Indonesian government has set a goal of 20 million tourist visits to the country by 2019 and, in order to meet this goal, ITDC will focus on three primary areas – most importantly the Mandalika Resorts project, but also including Lake Toba in North Sumatra and Tanjung Lesung in Banten.
  2. The master-planed 1,035 hectare Mandalika “eco-tourism” project has a development footprint of only 35% of the total land and thus will leave a significant portion of the project as open/undeveloped area.
  3. The new Pullman Hotel, with an estimated direct investment by ITDC of Rp 400 billion (US$29 million), will formally break ground on December 12, 2015.  The Pullman Hotel will be managed by France-based hotel operator Accor.
  4. France’s Club Méditerranée (Club Med) has signed an MOU with ITDC and has formalized its plan to build a 2nd hotel at the Mandalika Resorts project with an estimated 350 to 400 rooms.  (This, according to recent Cub Med press releases).
  5. The US $65 million amount which ITDC intends to secure for the balance of the project is based on the master plan for the Mandalika Resorts project created by the ITDC. The area will also see the construction of hotels, a marina, golf course, villas and a convention hall in the mid- to long-term plan as an adjunct to its positioning as an ecotourism destination.
  6. According to Edwin, ITDC has cooperated with the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) to reach potential investors in the Middle East. The IDB had also offered to provide loans for investors to develop various projects in the area.
  7. Mr. Darmasetiawan reminded potential investors that acquisition of the HPL land has already been accomplished by ITDC and thus there are no land acquisition costs to investors.
  8. Mandalika recorded 125,307 foreign tourist visits in 2013, according to Tourism Ministry data. However, the future projection is set at 1 million foreign tourist visits a year.

The Mandalika Resort contains 7.5 kilometers of ocean-front white sand beaches, including Kuta Beach, Seger Beach and A’an Beach (Tanjung A’an) near TOV and is a mere 20-minute drive from Lombok International Airport.  The Mandalika project now has 4 kilometers of recently installed interior roadways and a site office from which the development is managed.

The Tanjung Ocean View owners know that TOV is strategically located on the immediate periphery of Mandalika Resorts, looks down on the Mandalika project from TOV’s higher elevation and was purposely created in this location to profit from price increases resulting from the Mandalika Resorts development. Anyone planning to buy Kuta land, to invest in Lombok or to buy a house or commercial property in South Lombok should bear in mind that prices will undoubtedly rise dramtically as the Mandalika Resorts project moves forward. Invest in Kuta now – don’t wait until prices skyrocket!

To see the full article, follow this link – Jakarta Post Article .


First Tanjung Ocean View Villa – Now Under Construction!

First Tanjung Ocean View Villa – Now Under Construction!

One of the finest villas built on any Lombok land parcel is now under construction at Tanjung Ocean View (“TOV”), the premier South Lombok Land development project located in the Kuta area of Lombok Island.  The project, which broke ground several months ago, is already well on its way to completion by owner Theo Dandine.  Designed and constructed to showcase the spectacular ocean view land at TOV,  Mr. Dandine’s gorgeous 4 bedroom, 750 square meter villa spans his properties lots (Lots 16 & 17) will also be available for vacation rental when the owner is not residing on property.  This exquisitely luxurious villa was designed by Bali architect Gary Fell who is also assisting with the construction management. Built on 3 terraced levels, with sweeping ocean views of Gerupuk and Tanjung A’an Bays, Gary and Theo’s collaboration is clearly bearing sweet fruit.  More of architect Gary Fell’s work can be seen at  With sweeping panoramic, white-water views of Kuta Bay, Gerupuk Bay and A’an Bay, the Tanjung Ocean View project is perhaps the finest South Lombok luxury Land development in the Kuta area.









































Mandalika Resort Moves Forward…

Mandalika Resort Moves Forward…


Finally… after years of fits and starts, changes of management, failed development agreements and “Memorandum’s of Understanding” with various developers, it appears that the Mandalika Resorts project is finally moving forward.  Boasting a well-deserved reputation as the single-most enterprising and robust South Lombok Land development, the Mandalika Resorts development is located directly below Kuta’s 80 plot Tanjung Ocean View project.  Becuase of its perch above the new Mandalika development, TOV enjoys stunning views of the Mandalika Resorts project which is comprised of roughly 1,175 hectares of land in Kuta, on the south shore of Lombok Island.  The project, now managed by the new Indonesia Tourism Development Coporation (“ITDC”) is purported to have several firms, including MNC Land, Gobel International and France’s Club Med committed to developing several hotels for Mandalika’s “luxury, nature and sporting-based” destination tourism resort.

When completed, the luxury Mandalika Resorts development is slated to feature several five-star hotels, upscale housing developments, a large marina,  a golf course a luxury villa development project  and many other amenities. The Manadalika development commenced construction of it’s roughly 100 foot wide main entrance road in 2013.  Since that time, a significant portion of the planned 27.3 kilometer road has been graded and installed.

The new Mandalika Resorts road provides direct access from the newly resurfaced Kuta Bypass Road, (the main public road – immediately below TOV) to the new resort, the beach at Tanjuna A’an and nearby Gerupuk Bay.

Here are some additional images of the Mandalika Resorts Project – both existing and planed:

Mandalika Site Office
Mandalika Resorts New Site Office


New Mandalika Main Access
Resort’s 100′ Wide Main Access Road – Now Under Construction


One Of Many Villas To Be Built In Mandalika "Luxury Enclave"
One Of Many Villas To Be Built In Mandalika “Luxury Enclave”



View of TOV Project in Hills Above Mandalika
View Of Tanjung Ocean View Project (on hill above) as it looks down on Mandalika’s Main Access Road


Heavy Equipment On The Job at Manadalika Resorts Development
Heavy Equipment On The Job at Manadalika Resorts Development


Mandalika Hills Project
Proposed Hillside Development Project








Phase 2 – Now For Sale!

Phase 2 – Now For Sale!

After receiving so many recent requests for smaller lots of the ocean view Lombok land in the Tanjung Ocean View (TOV) development project, Phase II of TOV was recently designed and constructed. To meet this increasing demand, this new, just released increment of South Lombok land parcels (Phase II) offers lot sizes from 5.61 ares (561 Sq. Mtrs) to 10.45 ares (1,045 Sq. Mtrs).

I addition, the developers have been hard at work lowering the East-Side Access Road (the 2nd access to the project) in order to facilitate easier access to both the exisitng parcels in that area and the new lots in Phase II. After completion of the road lowering, both that area and the new roads in Phase II will be paved – in a single operation.

If you or others you know are interested in aquiring property Lombok development land, we suggest you move quickly as Phase I is virtually sold-out and 8 of the 15 new lots in Phase II are already sold with two additional Phase II sales being negotiated at the time of  this writing.

Tanjung Ocean View Development – Phase 2: 15 New Lots!

The first 38 lots (Phase 1) in South Lombok’s Tanjung Ocean View land development project are almost sold out, with only one view lot now remaining in the development. In addition, as of this writing there are only 7 lots left in Phase 1, yet the project continues to receive daily inquiries from many buyers who have not yet had the opportunity to invest in the TOV development.

As a result of the continuing demand for South Lombok ocean view land , the developer is now finalizing the acquisition of additional land on the east side of the development and will soon be offering 20 new ocean view lots for sale.

More information, along with prices and availablility of the new lots will be posted on the TOV website soon.

Owners and potential investors at TOV may subscribe to this TOV Blog in order to get timely info on the project, its sales, and future developments which impact the TOV project and the area.

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